Obituaries Today: James Guerri Taught Science At Forest Park Middle School, High School Of Commerce

Born in Springfield, he was a lifelong resident and a 1967 graduate of Technical High School. He graduated in 1971 from Westfield State College (now University) with a degree in teaching, and taught for 34 years in the City of Springfield. He taught physical science and began his career at Forest Park Middle School, and retired from the High School of Commerce. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus in Indian Orchard and the Massachusetts Teachers Association.
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Golfing at the Egyptian Pyramids. What would Pharaoh think?

aerial Egyptian pyramids

(Read about Jordans only golf course also naturally landscaped with chipping browns link here .) Note the sportswoman above, teeing off back in 1938 on sand and desert scrub. They had it right back then, adopting the game to the place they played it. Today, there are at least seven places to play golf in Cairo, the most picturesque being the Mena House club which sits about 700 meters from the pyramids base (see lead image and again, below the green fields at the top of the photo shows the Mena House course). Not one concedes to its address, each more artificially verdant than the next. The picture above pretty much tells the story. This area is desert, inhospitable to golf-course greenery. Everything planted requires copious amounts of irrigation, and growth chemical, weed-killer and pesticides.
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