Mayor Bloomberg Spotted Golfing In Bermuda During Metro-north Derailment

By contrast, Gov. Cuomo, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly, FDNY Commissioner Sal Cassano, OEM Commissioner Joseph Bruno and MTA Chief Thomas Prendergast all rushed to the crash site Sunday shortly after the fatal incident and participated in multiple news conferences. Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, who takes over for Bloomberg on Jan. 1, issued a statement not long after the derailment, saying he had been briefed by Kelly and expressing condolences to the families of those who died in the wreck. RELATED: METRO-NORTH CRASH VICTIMS INCLUDE LOVING DAD, SISTER ADREES LATIF/REUTERS Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, pictured next to Mayor Bloomberg in September, said the public would know about his schedule, after he takes office.
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Ban on weed-killer to hit golfing hard

Some studies have suggested that because the arsenic is bound up in an organic form, it is not as poisonous as the inorganic form. But the argument has also been advanced that over time, as the organic form builds up, it will end up being poisonous. NO SUITABLE ALTERNATIVES “To date we have not been able to have imported into the island the required chemicals to replace MSMA and have not really been able to find suitable alternatives,” Chai Chong said. “We were given two extensions to the ban, but we need to find a long-term solution, because it is not affordable for the golf courses at this point in time.” According to Chai Chong, three chemicals have been identified that if used together can do the same job as MSMA. “Each one of those cost at least three times as much as MSMA, so you’re talking at least 10 times as much in raw material cost,” Chai Chong outlined. “And then you have to apply each one separately, so the cost of the application triples for you as well.” Chai Chong is contending that if the ban is not rescinded or a cheaper alternative found the quality of the courses on offer to local players and travelling golfers will significantly depreciate.
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